Vote YES on June 3, 2014

Burlington’s children need your vote!

On June 3, Burlington voters have a chance to say YES to a school budget that supports our children and YES to a new era of leadership that supports our desire to see greater fiscal oversight, leadership reform, and accountability to voters.

Since March, the newly-elected school board members have taken swift action and shown they are committed to fiscal oversight, leadership reform, and budget transparency.

They have worked hard to develop this budget and are committed to continued oversight. Now it is our turn to show our support for this collaborative effort and vote YES to a responsible, transparent budget. The new board has cut a net $1.5 million to bring you this new budget ($2.5 million in staff and services cuts + nearly $1 million in new expenses = $1.5 million)  — a budget that spends less in the coming year than we did last year.

A YES vote keeps devastating cuts out of the classroom and away from our kids.

Read the FAQ.

Vote Yes!

We have much to celebrate about our school system, including:

  • High graduation and college placement rates;
  • Growing enrollment across the district in contrast to statewide trends;
  • Lower per-pupil spending than similar-size districts;
  • Average teacher salaries when compared countywide;
  • Larger classroom sizes than surrounding schools, and above the statewide average;
  • Innovative approaches to use of technology in the classrooms;
  • Partnership for Change;
  • Nationally recognized magnet school successes in achievement and equity;
  • Low administrative overhead when compared countywide; and,
  • Meeting the new world challenges of equity, diversity, and accessibility.

Voting No Hurts

  • Potentially deeper cuts to classroom teachers, paraeducators, athletics, maintenance, and co-curricular activities.
  • Deeper cuts  jeopardize our city’s future, impacting real estate values and the city’s ability to attract business to Burlington.
  • Raising your taxes, with almost none of that new money supporting our kids and schools.

Vote YES for vibrant, healthy, flourishing schools for our  children.