What’s up with the School Budget?

Roughly $1.4 million in cuts need to be made in next year’s school budget (FY17) because of Act 46.  

Why so many cuts?

In a nutshell: a new state law, Act 46, limits the amount of growth we can have in our budget before a penalty kicks in. But items like salaries and healthcare have set year-to-year increases that are larger than the law allows. Therefore cuts are needed to stay within the allowable limit.

Please contact your legislators and ask them to amend Act 46.

The Burlington School District has already made many cuts over the past two years, some of which have had drastic consequences for our children. Read the FAQ page for more details on Act 46, how school budgets are financed, and how this affects your taxes.

You can also weigh in on the budget by contacting your school board representative, attending school board meetings, or asking questions on the Burlington School District’s new budget page. Here is the timeline (all meetings are at Ira Allen Administration Building, 150 Colchester Ave., Burlington):

  • Nov 4-5: Community Budget Consultations
  • Nov 24: Draft budget presented to Finance Committee
  • Dec 8: Revised budget presented to School Board
  • Dec 22: Final budget review by Finance Committee (7pm)
  • Jan 5: Final budget review by School Board
  • Jan 19: Budget adopted by School Board
  • March 1: Budget vote on Town Meeting Day

For more details on Act 46 and how it affects the budgeting process, see our FAQ page here.