About Burlington Friends of Education

Burlington Friends of Education (BFOE) is a group of parents and other supporters of public education who, each year, volunteer time to support our kids and community by educating voters on the need to support vibrant, healthy public schools in Burlington.  We consider every school supporter to be part of BFOE.

BFOE works to build support for the budget and get out the vote in a few ways:

  1. We build a list of folks who support the budget and are willing to have their names in flyers, ads, and on our website;
  2. We create flyers supporting the budget and drop them off door-to-door;
  3. We create, put together, and get out lawn signs as a public display of community support for the budget;
  4. We run an ad in the North Avenue News supporting the budget;
  5. We work to get budget supporters in every neighborhood to write letters to the editor in support of the budget and to post to their local Front Porch Forum; and,
  6. We raise money so that we can print signs, flyers and an ad.  In the last few years, we’ve needed to raise about $1200.

We need your help! To get involved, see the How You Can Help page.


2 thoughts on “About Burlington Friends of Education

  1. I was doing a websearch and just came across your site. Please add me to your email list and as a Supporter. We (my husband and I) have voted for the school budget every time we had a chance to vote on it.

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